2013 - Ultimate Ascent

team captains: Cameron s and Rebecca r


Jungle-gym Escalating Bot Incorporating Disc Index (and) Automatic Hurling


Ultimate Ascent is played with two alliances of three robots which throw frisbees at goals of three different values. In the first 20 seconds, robots score autonomously and are then taken over by human control. At the end of the game, robots can gain extra points by climbing a 10-foot high steel pyramid. Further points can be gained by placing specially marked disks in a basket at the top of the pyramid.


The drive train consists of a 6-wheel tank drive where centre wheels are dropped 3/32” lower than the outer wheels. They are 6” Colson solid plastic wheels with machined-in tread. Vexpro two-speed ball shifters. 2 CIMS each with pneumatic shifting. Direct drive to center wheels with #25 chain to outer wheels. The disc handling is loaded by the human player and launched by a pneumatic tire directly driven by a mini-CIM.

1334 Climbing.jpg

The Journey

Because of labour issues for teachers, all extra-curricular activities were cancelled in December 2012. With teacher mentors not being allowed to participate, the team did not have access to the school shop until March 2013.  We would like to thank Sheridan College, for allowing us to work in their shop during this time and the Oakville Yacht Squadron for giving us the use of their facility to set up a practice field. 

waterloo regional

This was our first competition of the season. We were 11th seed. We would like to thank our alliance partners teams 1241 and 4525 in making it to the semi finals.

Greater toronto west regional

This regional was a great success. At the end of the qualification matches we were ranked third. Our alliance included teams 1310 and 3716 and went all the way to the finals, becoming Regional Finalists. We also won the Engineering Inspiration Award which qualified us for the World Championships. We won the Imagery Award for the first time and the team captain, Sam Thompson was selected as a Dean’s List Finalist.

Western canadian regional

The team participated in the first annual Western Canadian Regional in Calgary. We led the pack at this event, were first seed and were Regional Winners, along with Teams 4334 and 4591. We also won the Excellence in Engineering Award sponsored by Delphi.

The team was nominated into the Top 25 in FIRST.

World championships in st. louis

 For our fourth time in five years we attended the World Championship in St Louis, Missori. By this time, teacher mentors were once again allowed to participate. The team was ranked 42nd out of 100 teams in the Archimedes Division and joined teams 1660 and 4450 in an alliance through the quarter finals. 

Indiana robotics invitational

This is the premier invitational off-season event and features 69 of the top teams in North America. In mid-July seven students and four mentors drove to Indianapolis where the team had a record of six wins and three losses in qualifying matches. We were selected into the number one alliance and won the event with Teams 1114, 2056 and 2338. Our climbing mechanism, described as the smoothest in FIRST, worked almost perfectly through the weekend. We’ve already been invited to next year’s competition.

innovation nation 

This is an event conducted by the Centre for Surgical Invention and Innovation in Hamilton, Ontario. Teams – most not from FIRST – make a presentation on potential commercial applications of their robot. After partnering with the Oakville Fire Department, the team developed potential fire fighting applications and won the High School Division.