Our Sub-teams

On The Robot:


The design team is responsible for taking the team's game strategy to create a 3D model using SOLIDWORKS®. The design team brainstorms, visualizes, prototypes, and models the entire robot before handing it over to the build team.


The build team manufactures the modelled parts developed by the design team. They build prototypes of the robot and then using a variety of materials and machines they create the end product.


The electrical team is a sub team of the build team. They wire the robot and work closely with the programming team to deliver a working robot. 


The programming team turns the machined robot parts into a moving robot. They use C++ to program the robot to do the functions that are initially designed. They work very closely with design and electrical. The programming team also works hand in hand with the media team on website creation, coding the background of our site while media team designs the 'look' of it.


Robot Interaction:


The drive team drives the robot at our competitions and events. They test the controls of the robot to check reliability. The drive team organizes our Drivers' Ed Event which helps teach teams strategy and driving techniques.


Promoting our team:


The media team creates the amazing pictures on the home page, as well as all promotional materials for the team. They create videos to recap our build season and outreach events and they help create visuals such as the Santa Claus Parade float. They create safety videos for the shop and documenting our time at competitions and produce our Chairman's video. The media team is also in charge of our social media updates on Twitter and Facebook as well as updating the website.


The outreach team works on spreading FIRST throughout and beyond our community. They are in charge of the teams outreach events.  They are also responsible for gathering information from our business team and our media team to create a presentation to submit for the Chairman's Award. 



The business team is in charge of our team's budget. They manage our sponsorship proposals, as well as our expenses for the year.