2015 - Recycle Rush

Team Captains: Sonya p and arun k


Lifter Arranger and Mover of Accumulated Rubbish

The Game description

Recycle Rush starts with the autonomous period when robots can stack yellow totes and green garbage bins for 30 seconds to score extra points. Then during the tele-operated period, robots stack plastic totes in columns of up to six totes high with a green garbage bin on top containing a pool noodle for maximum points. The two alliances made up of 3 teams each are separated having half of the playing field each. Alliances may also choose to do the optional coopertition stack with the opposing alliance to score additional points. For more information click here.

The robot


Our drivetrain was a 6 omni-wheel tank drive with 4 wheels powered. Our dual Cim intake with pneumatic arms had 2 horizontal wheels which clasped onto the tote and sucked it into the chassis. Then our dual Cim intake elevator (2 motors) lifted up the totes to create a stack.


Waterloo regional

We were chosen as third pick for the second alliance in the elimination matches! We are very grateful to alliance partners, teams 5406 and 3683 for choosing us! Our alliance ended the weekend in second place, earning us a spot at the World Championships in St Louis this April through the wildcard system!



We won the Entrepreneurship Award thanks to all the hard work put in from our business team. We finished the qualifying matches in 13th out of 36 teams and took the second position in the fifth alliance, competing in the elimination rounds with teams 2185 and 4914.


Even though we qualified for the World Championships, we were not able to attend due to the possibility of a secondary school teachers' strike.