Driver's Ed Event

Every year the team hosts an off-season event for teams to practise driving their robots at our high school. The event is a great opportunity for rookie teams as well as rookie members to learn how to drive a robot. We create a game that is simple and is just used for the event and only requires the use of a drive train. In addition to hosting normal matches we also host fun matches such as blindfolded driving to improve drive teams. For rookie teams, we lend out robots so they have a chance to learn more about competitions and the robots before competition season.

Santa Claus Parade

This year will be our eighth year participating in Oakville's Santa Claus Parade. We build a big float at the school and send team members out to promote the school in our community. It is a great fun event that brings the team together, gets our name out in the community and even brings out the holiday spirit.

1334 Santa Claus Parade.jpg


We run a one night activity program for the Canadian Association for Girls in Science to encourage girls to develop an interest in science, technology and engineering through learning skills in robotics. The girls get the opportunity to learn how to CAD parts and complete a hands on activity that is chosen by team members.

FIRST Community Event

This is an awards ceremony that unites FIRST Teams across Oakville. It is an opportunity to congratulate teams on their accomplishments. It is also when we recognize the individuals who have promoted STEAM within the community. It occurs at town hall and has been running for 7 years. Local politicians are invited and recognized Oakville as the First FIRST Community.

FIRST Lego League Outreach

Practice Tournament 

The FLL Practice tournament is an opportunity for FLL teams to experience competition before the competition date. The event is a great opportunity for teams to see how they compare against other teams. Teams are also able to get out any kinks before their real competitions, which take place a few weeks later.


Our team members mentor 3 FLL teams within our community. The teams that we mentor are from elementary schools that our team members used to attend. Some of our team members have even participated on these teams in the past. It is a great opportunity to pay back our thanks to the teams that first introduced students to robotics.