Javelin Technologies Mutual Partnership

The new-found partnership between Javelin Technologies and FIRST Team 1334 has become an extraordinarily mutual one. FIRST Team 1334 has actively been helping Javelin to create a 3D walkthrough simulator of SolidWorks Models, as well as helping them in their 3D printing lab. On Wednesday, March 5th,2012, FIRST Team 1334 was invited to speak about FIRST on CITY TV’s Breakfast Television hosted by Javelin Technologies by having students Sam Thompson and Zair Naim explain what the team and FIRST strive to achieve. Javelin has helped FIRST Team 1334 as well. They have given members of the team advanced SolidWorks workshops with professional level trainers as well as offering to 3D print a scale model of the 2012 robot Isabella. Students have also been offered jobs at Javelin. Thank you for your contributions Javelin, the free t-shirts, and coffee mugs!