2014 - Aerial Assist

Team captains: Jess y and connor s


Kinetically Articulating Sling Shot Assisted by Newton Driven Rapid Accelerators

Game Description

Aerial Assist is played with a 25” ball, which robots use to score points. Sending the ball through one of the ground goals is worth 1 point, and through a high goal on the wall is 10 points. There is also a metal truss spanning the middle of the field. Throwing the ball over the truss grants 10 points, while a robot catching the ball gains another 10. Additional points can be earned by passing the ball down the field between the 3 robots on your alliance. 

The robot

The drivetrain consists of rectangular aluminum tubing, 6 wheel dropped centre tank drive, and 2 speed Vex Pro gearboxes. The shooter and pickup mechanism pivot together on top of 2 plasma cut aluminum towers. They pivot down to use the intake rollers and to ground pass the ball. The assembly then pivots skywards, and releases two 42 lbs/in compression springs with a combined force of 500 lbs. These are then winched back in with an 800lbs winch system, with safety break rope to prevent catastrophic failures. The ball cradle rides on 32 precision roller bearings, for frictionless release. 


waterloo regional

We received the Chairman’s Award, the most prestigious award in FIRST. This has been a longtime goal for our team, and was extremely exciting. We would like to thank teams 2609 and 3756 for being our alliance partners during the elimination rounds. 

North bay regional

We won the Entrepreneurship Award based on our forward thinking business plan. Also, our amazing mentor, Mrs. Decker won the Woodie Flowers Award. This award is for mentors who go above and beyond to help support their teams. Congrats Mrs. Decker! We also would like to thank teams 4914 and 2185 for being our alliance partners during the elimination rounds.

Screen Shot 2015-09-12 at 7.28.08 PM.png


We would like to congratulate our co-captain, Connor Sparling on being a Dean's List Finalist. We are proud to have won the Excellence in Engineering Award sponsored by Delphi as well as the Imagery Award in honor of Jack Kamen. We would like to thank our alliance partners 5184 and 5116, who we worked with to become Regional Finalists.

World Championships in st. louis

The team spent an amazing few days a the World Championships learning lots and having tons of fun. We are very happy to have qualified and had the opportunity to meet teams from around the globe. We hope to be back again next year!